Playoff Schedules

posted Oct 13, 2008, 3:31 PM by PaulMichelle Ferguson   [ updated Oct 14, 2008, 7:56 AM ]
Thursday, Oct. 16th - 7:30 @ Valley Stadium-WDSM - #9 ADM 5th Grade Falcons vs. #8 DCG 5th Grade Bucs (Red) - This is a PIGTAIL play in game for a true 8th seed.  Winner plays the WDM Dolphins at 12:00 on Saturday, Oct. 18th at Hutchins Stadium.  5th Grade Championship game will be played at Valley Stadium @ 4:30, Sunday, Oct. 19th.  Go 5th Grade Falcons!

Jr. Division - Saturday, Oct. 18th - 10:30 AM @ Lincoln High School - DSM
#2 ADM Jr. Falcons (RED) vs. #7 Greene County Rams (Blue)  Winner plays again Sat. at Valley Stadium at 3:00 PM against the winner of the WDM 49ers vs. Waukee Giants. - Jr. Championship game will be at Valley Stadium @ 3:00 PM, Sunday Oct. 19th
6th Grade - Saturday, Oct 18th - 3:00 PM @ Norwalk High School
#5 ADM vs. #4 WDM Lions.  Winner plays at Valley Stadium at 7:30 Saturday evening against the Winner of the Ames Bears (White) vs. WDM Jaguars.  6th Grade Championship Game is at 6:00 PM Sunday at Valley Stadium.
Jr. Division - Sunday, October 19th - 4:30 @ Lincoln High School - DSM
#16 ADM Jr. Falcons (White) vs. #14 WDM Bengals