Falcon Projects and Initiatives

With the Vision of the Tiger Football Club (TFC )Board to provide the youth of the A-D-M community the best tackle football program in central Iowa, we are lining up opportunities to help us achieve that Vision.  We have the tremendous opportunity of access to use the historic Macy Field for practices.  This is the actual field where Nile Kinnick played in his youth as an Adel High School sophomore on the undefeated, state championship team in 1933.  Many graduates of the High School in the Adel area also have many great memories of playing on this field as well.  Our games are played at the ADM High School, giving the kids the opportunity to play on the same quality turf field the ADM Tiger Varsity team plays.

We, as a community and football program, now have a great responsibility to keep our facilities in the best condition they deserves.  As the TFC, we would like to drive the initiatives that make this one of the best places to play youth football.  This Vision will allow us to keep making great/new memories, admire and honor our history, and display the pride of our program.

Of course this responsibility does not come easy and without a cost.  Therefore, we need to prioritize our initiatives and find ways to help fund them on an annual basis.  This will require asking the whole community to play a part in making our Vision become reality.  The success of achieving our vision will be measured by how many of our children and families smile when thinking back on playing or watching games on Sundays. 

Current Falcon Projects and Initiatives

 Priority Description
Estimated Cost
Targeted Completion
 Project Sponsors
1 Equipment Shed - The youth programs are utilizing the high school practice fields, but the shed where the practice equipment is stored is worn and falling apart, so we would like to re-build or replace it.  This falls in line with our goal of providing top quality equipment and facilities for the youth program.- Secure
- Large enough to store existing equipment and space for additional equipment.
- Solid foundation with the ability to keep equipment dry.

$10KTBDPatrick Finnegan
 2 Practice Equipment - Hand Pads, Tackling Dummies, Medicine Balls, Exercise Balls, etc.- Durable
 $1-$2K 2018 Patrick Finnegan
 N/A Youth Blocking Sled - As we improve the game facilities, we would also like to keep improving the practice facilities and equipment by purchasing a blocking sled sized for youth football.- 2-5 pads
- made of durable material
 $2.5k COMPLETE Jeff Flora
N/A  Permanent Scoreboard - Our first priority to creating a great place to play for our program was to install a permanent, full-sized scoreboard near the the SW end zone.  Erected earlier this year, the scoreboard clearly upgrades the field with an easy to view down, distance, time and score from any angle on and around the field.
- clearly viewable from all angles and distances from the field/bleachers
- able to use controller from mid-field location
 Jeff Harsh
 Tiger Den Renovations - The Tiger Den at K-F Park, is in need of renovation due to deteriorating roof, brick, and woodwork.  We use this building to both store field equipment and double as a concession stand during home games.  With a roof replacement, brick repair, door replacement, window repairs, and interior renovations to include ceiling and wall replacements, we could extend the life of this building for this purpose.  We are currently obtaining quotes on cost to renovate.
- repair roof, doors, windows, brickwork
- renovate interior for field equipment storage and concessions use
COMPLETE  Chuck West
 Concessions Trailer - As we mature our program, we would like to continue to build out our facilities to match the needs of the program.  A search if now being conducted for a suitable mobile concessions trailer that could be used in other locations and outside the football season. 
- Will have at least 50amp service and running water
- may be mobile or permanent

COMPLETE  Jeff Flora
N/A Raised Bleachers (home side) - To create a better experience for families and fans at our home games, we intend to install raised bleachers to allow unobstructed views of the game field.  These bleachers should be able to accommodate the entire home fan base, freeing up room on the sidelines for better viewing and safety purposes.
- seat 200
- viewing angle over players/coaches
- handicap accessible
 $15-$20kCANCELLED -
Games Now Played on ADM High School FB Field
 Paul Ferguson
N/A Press Box  - As with most football programs, there is a need to be able to perform several functions from an unobstructed viewpoint during games.  From running the game time clock to filming games for later review and coaching needs, this is a necessary facet to any sports facility.  A press box that is fully enclosed and locked would also be required to install audio equipment for game announcements.
- floor height must be 2ft above highest bleacher seat.
- fully enclosed and lockable
- may be accessible from bleachers
- must be able to sit 4 plus 2 camera stations 
 $7-12kCANCELLED -
Games Now Played on ADM High School FB Field
 Chuck West
N/A Audio system  - An audio system provides yet another quality improvement to any football facility enhancing the memories of all who play and watch games.  This of course depends on the announcer :-)
- clearly audible from all location in and around playing field
- will play MP3 audio
Games Now Played on ADM High School FB Field 
 Paul Ferguson